Travel a lot? Me too!

Moving place to place makes packing super smart even more important. Who wants to stress or spend more time packing? Use this time for an extra jump in the sea, visit to a museum or whatever makes your heart smile.

Today I am happy to share 7 simple tips I have discovered along my journeys, making the packing process not only stress-free, but dare I say... even fun :-)

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to go somewhere for a weekend, a week or a one-month trip...

With these tips you’ll save yourself tons of time, stress, and money, so you can focus on what’s most important: enjoying your holiday.

Let’s jump in:

Tip 1: Choose your type. Wait... what?!

I’m talking about THE NUMBER ONE. Yup, it all starts with... your suitcase. Do not underestimate its importance. Otherwise, you might end up like me on a cold gloomy day in a foreign country...

There I was - hurrying to catch my flight and dragging my heavy luggage on the bumpy streets of London. After finally making it to the metro, I was trying to find the right line to the airport and then, the wheels fell off... just like in a comedy movie scene.

Lesson learned!

So not to worry, I’ve got your back.

Simply put, up for an adventure? Best secure your stuff in a wheeled duffel. It’s durable and will withstand the (many) bumpy surfaces that are certain to pop up along your way. A four- wheeled suitcase, on the other hand, is the choice for a business trip as it will be easier to get around in a hotel lobby and urban areas.

So, choose your type and let’s start packing!

Tip 2: Size matters

It’s time to think about the size. Yes, it matters! Especially when you want to avoid extra costs at the airport. Also, for comfort purposes, better not get anything too big and heavy if you don’t have secured transport from the airport to your accommodation or an extra helping hand. Choose a minimalist’s approach- in this case, less definitely is more (easy!).

Tip 3: Lists are a (smart) traveler’s best friend

“Where’s my toothbrush?” Ever wondered how you could forget something so obvious and yet so important? Maybe this was the result of last-minute planning. Make the most of your vacation and have the essentials. You also want to ditch the unnecessary stuff that adds to the weight (not to mention the cost) and will only slow you down.

Try setting a timer so you can turn the process of crafting a list into a cool challenge. This will prevent you from taking suitcase fillers and forgetting common-sense items. Make your list and experience the satisfaction of checking off the things you’ve listed.

Tip 4: Pouches to the rescue

Imagine: you’re enjoying your trip, wearing your favourite clothes and trying out local food. Now, how unpleasant will it be, if one-third of your clothes are ruined thanks to a spilled shampoo?

While pouches cannot save you from getting ice-cream on your shirt, they are your savior when it comes to packing toiletries. Pouches also work for those new small tech gadgets that a trip wouldn’t be the same without. For extra security, put valuable items in a small plastic bag before zipping the pouch.

Tip 5: Tetris and thai rolls

No, I’m not suggesting you spend your trip preparation playing the old-school game while munching on thai rolls...although that too could sound appealing to you.

If list-making isn’t quite your thing, you can give the “adult Tetris” a chance. Yes, I’m talking hardcore packing.

How? Just fold bigger clothes and pay attention to the free space left between them. Use smaller rolled clothes to fill in every free millimeter. This way you will ensure finding your clothes as you left them. After all, this is your portable wardrobe for the upcoming days. Bonus? Rolled clothes stay less wrinkly. Yay!

Tip 6: Stuffed shoes

Want to look good (at least presentable?) during your trip? Squished sneakers, sandals, heels... can totally ruin any desired look. Luckily, preventing this is a piece of cake.

Take several pairs of socks and stuff them in your second (or third if you are like me) pair of shoes. Not only will this keep your shoes looking top, but it will also save you that extra space you’ve been looking for – two problems, one solution :-)

Tip 7: Remember the author Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s secret

He said: “He who would travel happily, must travel light.”

Even if you’re a minimalist, there would still be heavier items that could cause an imbalance of your suitcase, some hand pain and extended transfer time.

So again, the smart theme...leave the heaviest items at the bottom. Then distribute them evenly. Roll along smoothly and save yourself from that feeling we have all once felt... like a mule climbing a mountain with an overload of saddlebags.

In short:

With these tips you can’t go wrong. Follow them, and you’re good to go. Be bold, be practical, and most importantly, pack your smile. Best tip ever. It is amazing what a good attitude and smile can do.

Execute these tips and find out which ones can work wonders for you. I am always looking for more smart travel tips so please share any other valuable and fun tips in the comment section below. Hope to hear from you, enjoy your travel :-)


This article in its original form was first posted on Medium on July 4th, 2019.


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