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On Any Given Day is a Bali based Blogger, with a commitment to discovering all Bali has to offer for fashionistas, coffee lovers and those who love a good time. Sharing the Bali fashion scene. Along with her 'elegant grunge' style, passion for health, travel and an endless good time!

Top 5 Shredding Smoothies

17 August, 2018

Our “Shred 10” transformation program is based around the super yummy Complete Shakes – a whole food based nutrition drink. These shakes have become part of our daily family routi... (more)

Join The Auguste Tribe

17 August, 2018

There are many similarities between Byron Bay and Bali. The beaches, the relaxed freedom lifestyle, the cool grungy crowd. Having grown up on the Gold Coast I’ve always had a love for Byron, ... (more)

Wanderlusting With Sancerre

17 August, 2018

My Bali shopping experience hit a high recently when I discovered the brand Sancerre. I met with Founder and Creative Director, Australian Sarah Wilkinson and instantly connected to the style of Sa... (more)

Supermodel Sense of Style

17 August, 2018

Before #squadgoals and Kardash... (more)

Summer Feels

17 August, 2018

... (more)

All Star Sunday

17 August, 2018

All Star Sunday, spent at the Sofitel Brunch, Nusa Dua. All Star Sunday... (more)

My First Love. Magali Pascal

17 August, 2018

My First Love. Magali Pascal. This label won my heart when I first arrived in Bali and entered one of their three gorgeous boutiques.... (more)

More Than A Run. It’s A Lifestyle.

17 August, 2018

I thought I knew what a healthy life was. I now realise being healthy is more than going for a run. It’s a lifestyle. It’s A Lifestyle I have... (more)

SJD Style : Elegant Grunge

17 August, 2018

I describe my style as Elegant Grunge. I like feeling pretty, but I also like being down and dirty! SJD Elegant Grunge I love my lifestyle, which allows me to wear w... (more)