Reviews – Our take on them

Enjoy. As our title suggests, the best of Bali is all about enjoyment. We want you to share your experience, so that others can benefit too! We don’t use a rating system as we believe all of the venues included ARE the best in Bali. However, everyone has their own experience, and we’d love to hear yours!  Tell us what you enjoyed most about your meal, the venue, the service and the atmosphere of your moment. Whether you were on the beach, at a rock bar, lively sports bar watching a game, or in a local warung enjoying the true Balinese culture, whatever your experience, we want to hear it.  Log in, find your venue and share what you enjoyed most.


Had a problem?

We encourage feedback to help us become even better. Even though each of our venues have been pre-selected as one of the best based on customer experiences, recommendations and reviews, sometimes mistakes happen. We want to hear about these experiences too. All of our venues are committed to providing their best and will certainly want to be aware of any problems you may have encountered.  If you happen to experience any issues, you are welcome to send us your concern and suggestions for improvement. We will forward them to the ownership and management as we know they will be grateful for the feedback and will take action accordingly.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.